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Total.. Geek… Out…

Christmas was great! I saw a bunch of people I don’t usually get to see, ate really well, and generally had a great time. As usual, people were way too good to me. Not that I’m complaining about gifts, but wow! Luckily, everyone seemed to like the gifts I got them… My gift giving was a wee bit sparse this year, I really hate not having a job!

I have spent the last couple of days geeking out with my computer. I got the latest version of the operating system for Mac. Yes, I know the new one is going to be released in the not too distant future, but I really wanted to take advantage of the automatic back-up feature. I also got a hard drive with one terabyte of storage! It’s amazing, I was able to consolidate all of my drives onto one. Believe me, that makes a huge difference. Last night, I went out and bought another terabyte drive so that I could back all of that stuff up.

I also went through the various gift cards I got. There were some books, Amy Winehouse songs (shut up, I like her!), the last Wilco album, and underwear. Funnily enough, I actually asked for underwear but didn’t get any for Christmas! LOL… I’ll be getting my Bastiat collection (yes, I’m an econ geek) thanks to a gift card…

Anyway, a great Christmas, it’s good to be back!:-)

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