Think I’m going to get a tv…

    I’ve got a $100 gift card coming from a camera bag
manufacturer, think I’ll apply it to a tv purchase. It’ll be a smallish
one, prob 20″ or smaller. It’s mostly for baseball, there’s already
been to many times that I’d like to watch a game but Rick wants to
watch a show too… Of course that means I’ll have to figure out where
to put the thing. The obvious choice would be the table with my
computer on it, there is a space I could make for it I suppose, but
that would mean giving up the last bit of space on there…. Another
option is to put my FrankenMac on the floor, I’ll have to look into
    I’ve all but decided against buying a new computer
and LCD screen this year. I’m going to make a concerted effort to not
buy any technology stuff until after I get back from Egypt. I figure
that if I take my (then) 4 year old lap top with me and something
happens to it, I won’t fret too much. Besides, the systems will be
amazing by then…:-) I probably will get the newest version of Apple’s
OS. Unlike Microsoft’s stuff, the newer OS usually runs faster on the
older machines. Plus there’s a bunch of cool features that have been
added too. It’ll be sort of like getting a new computer, right?


One reply on “Think I’m going to get a tv…”

Puzzling. Options when it comes to a TV for baseball? I mean do you really need clothes or a bed that much? Lots of room.

We had the strangest blizzard I have ever seen (remember I lived in ND and Buffalo). It snowed continuously for 40+ hours. Probably totaled 6-7 inches in all, but since two days previously it was 82 degrees, it mostly just melted on contact. Five years from now the weather report will mention this total and I will have no idea what they are talking about.

“..until after I get back from Egypt”. Now THAT’s a one-upmanship line.

Take care,

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