Things seem to be falling apart

Wow wee, that was a rough couple of days. I’m sure there’s going to be more panic selling the rest of this week too. The strange thing is that the downgrade doesn’t seem to have hurt treasuries, people seem to be flocking to them as a safe haven even though those are the things that are no supposedly less safe. Weird.

We’re also waiting for Europe to finally fall over under its own weight. Of the countries in the eurozone, only Germany looks OK. Now Italy, France, and Belgium are drawing attention along with the usual suspects of Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Of course American banks are covering the European banks…

This latest market crash makes me glad I’m not in mutual funds. When the market tanks, so do the funds. The problem is that there isn’t a good way to know if your fund is going to rebound, if they have chosen poorly, or how they will rebalance their portfolio. All of my retirement is in individual stocks. We always hear that is more risky than mutual funds. Maybe it is under normal situations, you never know when a seemingly healthy company can go south. But when the market tanks, it is far easier to make decisions on what to let go, what to keep, and what to buy. I did unload a few stocks when it was clear that things were going to go down. My portfolio has dropped in value of course, but I know that what I have kept is going to be OK. It is reassuring to look at my stocks and know why I have invested in them instead of gnashing my teeth over what idiots the fund managers are. I’m the only idiot running my account and I’m glad for it right now.


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