There’s classic rock and then there’s classic rock…

It’s hard for me to believe how different two radio stations can be even though they claim to have the same format. As I’ve mentioned before, WBIG has degenerated into a nonstop Steely Dan, Boston, Kansas, Styx, Doobie Brothers, and REO Speedwagon lovefest. I kid you not, those bands seem to make up a solid third of their playlist, it’s about as bad as I can imagine. They are also the first so called classic rock station that I’ve ever heard that does not play Led Zepplin, which seems really odd to me.

On the other hand, 94.1 has become a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. They played “Two Hearts Beat as One” by U2 the other morning. I don’t think I’ve heard that song on the radio since the 80’s and it made my morning. I’m also enjoying hearing Led Zeppelin again. It’s taken about 20 years, but it’s fun again… This station’s playlist is one of the better ones I’ve ever heard for this format. Very little of the bands I mentioned above, or at least thy are so diluted I don’t notice. They do of course play the typical scourges Rush, Yes, etc. but I guess that’s unavoidable. It’s become a nice change of pace, that makes FM fun again…


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