There goes Venezuela

Chavez will become an official dictator later this week. He will be allowed to “pass laws” bypassing their congress. He has declared that Venezuela will become a socialist state by nationalizing the various companies in the country. I don’t think that he’s stupid enough to think that this time will not end up like the soviet union, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, etc. He knows exactly what will happen to his country and the people living in it. They will be plunged into unbelievable poverty all the while they will be told what a worker’s paradise they live in. Chavez is doing what is best for Chavez, nothing else. He will live well, just like Castro, Kim IL, etc. As has been shown time and time again, this is the logical end game for any socialist government. Socialism leads to totalitarianism, it won’t be too long before we start hearing about his “purges”…


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At least he was elected…

And by reportedly wide margins. Lets wait and see how Venezuela is doing in 18 months. Thats how long his special powers are supposed to last. I know that our government has a vested interest in making sure things don’t work out well down there. Who wants to bet we won’t begin sticking our noses into Venezuelan business again before long?

Ok. Bring on the vitriol.


Re: At least he was elected…

No vitriol, not yet… Was the opposition party allowed on the ballot in the “election”? They aren’t allowed in the congress (or whatever they call it there). If he has so much faith in the democratic process, why bypass the duly elected representatives? I cannot, under any circumstances, believe that Cahvez will step aside after 18 months of absolute power. I doubt that the country will descend into North Korea like circumstances in 18 months, they may even end up being the best of a long line of failed socialist countries due to their oil wealth and lack of a cold war adversary. There can be no doubt about the long term situation of a country under actual socialist rule, the results are in, and they aren’t pretty. All of the Soviet block countries, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Mymar, and precapitalist China are all examples of what happens under these types of governments. Who knows, maybe this will morph into one of those thugocracies like Egypt, Yemen, or a whole slew of African nations. A very wealthy thug in charge with his cronies and an entire nation supporting them, all under the guise of a caring government. I also can’t think of a country that went more socialist and became better off (even if only GDP wise, not even looking at standard of living), in fact, there are many examples of the opposite being true. China and India are the shining examples, but even New Zealand, UAE, and Estonia have shown incredible gains by going away from that model. Time will tell, but Chavez will have to buck the long established trend if his country is to succeed. I’m very skeptical that that is his objective anyway. Whenever I see someone claiming absolute power I’m pretty sure who he’s looking out for…


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