The heat must…

… bring out all the weirdos. Seriously, work yesterday was filled
with more bitching, kvetching customers than I remember having in a
long time. You’d think I was back in Rockville…. I’m home today
because er… let’s just say I don’t wany to stray too far from the
john. Must have been something I ate… I am trying to get some things
done today. I finally got my “LA Truck” and “Reservation Highway”
pictures the way I want them on my home page. Going through my stack O’
pictures, negs, and slides and trying to organize them a little better
(or at all). What else, oh yeah, there’s a new radio station that’s
given me some hope for FM. It’s 107 point something and they are doing
a really good job mixing up the Rock and Roll. They’ll go from some
80’s hit (and good ones, not “Easy Lover” or some other nonsense) to a
new thing, and then back to something in the 70’s. It’s a little closer
to my variety. They actually played “The Breakup Song” by Greg Khin and
“Superman” by REM the other day, I can’t think of the last time I heard
those on the radio… Oh well, I’m now going to go watch my new Bob
Marley DVD, it’s one of the goodies Amazon sent me for spending so much
freaking miney on their credit card. The DVD has the rep of being
excellent, I’ll report back.


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But disco’s great!

It’s actually one of the reasons I like the station, they’re playing things that haven’t had any air play in years. I’m also impressed by their selection. I don’t remember hearing any Phil Collins (although they did play a Mike and the Mechanics song, blech), Billy Joel, or Elton John. I’m sure they do, but I haven’t heard those people in such heavy rotation like a lot of other stations do. If this station would play some early hip hop and sneak in some Velvet Underground I’d be most impressed…


Re: But disco’s great!

I really don’t like disco. At all, really.

And you should try making a request. I bet if people want stuff like that, they would do it. They do claim that it’s a mix of everything.

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