The genius of Black velvet flag

They’re a group that does lounge versions of hardcore/punk/rock songs. It’s supposed to be really ironic and funny and with certain songs like “Institutionalized” (originally by Suicidal Tendencies) they are. But on other songs, they add a real depth and impact to some other songs. “I don’t care about you” by GNR goes from an ill conceived rant to an eerie, heartfelt FUCK YOU. They also do a song called “I shot JFK”. The lyrics are beyond morbid and show a real depth of hopelessness.

There was no conspiracy.
It was all for anarchy.
The President,
don’t mean shit to me.
One less Kennedy.

I Shot J.F.K.
Pulled the trigger,
Blew him away.
I Shot J.F.K.
Sorry, Jackie
It had to be that way.

Imagine there’re no hippies.
You can do it if you try.
The world don’t need another naked guy.
Someone had to die.

I shot John Lennon today.
Pulled the trigger,
and blew him away.
I shot John Lennon today
Sorry, Yoko
It had to be this way.

(Instrumental Break)

Happiness is stupid.
I’m anti-positive.
I just ran out of reasons to live.
Something had to give.

One more suicide.
The world laughed,
when I died.
One more suicide.
Sorry Mom,
I hope you’re satisfied.

The kicker is how it’s delivered, almost upbeat, definitely languid and serene. It’s really unnerving. Is this an original for them? All the rest of their songs seem to be covers, but I can’t find any other groups doing this song, does anyone know if this is a cover? Anyway, it’s a great example of something that is effective but not pretty or even enjoyable. Gotta hand it to them, they did a great job with this…


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