Teenage girls

I was totally flummoxed by girls when I was a teenager. My entire high school life was spent being stunned by their beauty and confused by their insanity. Facebook has given me an interesting experiment, I can now converse with women that I got real quiet around in my teen years and haven’t talked to in 20 years.

I’m a lot more comfortable around women now, I’m no longer intimidated by their femaleness. Now I pride myself on being able to talk to any woman, especially the ones I think are attractive. Talking to people at work for all of those years has really helped in that regard. Anyway, I’ve learned some interesting things about those girls back then that I was not able to see then.

Not a single one that I have talked to believed that they were attractive back then, not a one! And to think I was intimidated by their beauty! Man, I wonder how different our lives in high school would have been if I could have worked up the courage to tell them what I thought. I think the best I could ever do was compliment someone on their hair or clothes or something like that, I never told them that they were beautiful. Pity, it sounds like they could have used it.

Of course the other thing that I have learned was that they really were insane. Adolescence isn’t easy for anyone, but I think it hits girls harder than guys. I’m shocked at some of the stories I’ve heard, the cattiness, the meanness, the rage. My experience was mostly of frustration, but I never witnessed the level of meanness that I’ve been hearing about.

I guess I was lucky. Maybe I’m doubly lucky in the fact that it doesn’t look like I’ll ever have a teenage daughter 🙂 Ladies, try to remember what it was like being a teenager when your kids get to that age. I don’t envy parents at all. Puberty was bad enough once, I don’t think I’d want to experience it, even vicariously, again…

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