I was only out of this country for a couple of years. Before I left, I was pretty up on the technology that I like, not so much while I was away. I am amazed at the progress that has happened in those two years.

Digital cameras continue to get better and better. DSLRs have more resolution, larger sensors, and now have live view and HD video! I’m still waiting for a small camera with a larger sensor. There’s some interesting prototypes being shown at this year’s Photokina. Hopefully they will see the light of day at some point.

I happened to look at a Crutchfield catalog over at my dad’s place. I used to sell car audio systems after I got out of college and the stuff today is almost unrecognizable. When I sold stuff, tape decks were still pretty popular, now, there are decks without a CD player! It’s all about iPods, flash memory, etc. Add to that satellite radio and HD radio, and you have a real music entertainment system in the car… Any of thise things would be welcome in the vehicle I’m using now. I was driving around and flipping through the radio stations (FM hunting I call it) looking for something to listen to. The best thing I found was “18 and Life” by Skid Row. That was the BEST thing I found… Bring on the large music storage and satellite radio!

There are also things that I’m not as interested in but are just as amazing. Navigations systems, dvd systems, multi-zone music and video.. WOW! I’m wondering what all that will be like once I get another car. It’s exciting to think about.

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