Surprise in PT today

Went to PT for the first time in two weeks and had a bit of a surprise. She tested my hip strength and they tested out as normal. We’ve been working on those for the past 5 months and the improvement seemed to come once I stopped doing PT for a bit. Hmmm.

My therapist told me that there wasn’t really anything left we could do in hour long sessions. So that’s pretty much it, I won’t be going back if all goes well.

That’s not to say everything’s good unfortunately. I need to work only stamina. Right now I can stand up for 20 minutes, maybe 30 before getting run down. That’s better than I was 5 months ago, but it’s a long ways from doing an 8 hour day.

So no more PT for the time being. I’m going to start trying to stand around and walk more. Hopefully I’ll be back at work in the near future.

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