Sudden change of packing/photography plans…

…or how to apply the concept of a sunk cost into Isaac’s world. I’m in the process of packing and I have finally figured out how many bags I would have to take in order to take everything I want. I believe that it would take 4 bags (plus my carry on) in order to do it. Here’s the problem, I’m allowed 2 bags for free, each extra bag would cost an extra $135 each way. Hmm, that’s a total of $540. Ouch. On the other hand, if I don’t take any film equipment, I could bring the total down to two bags.

But I spent all that money on equipment and film! Surely I should take that stuff. Well, I’d like to, but not for $540. After I calmed down I realized that whatever money I’ve spent on film and equipment is gone (for the time being), I need to deal with the situation right now. I do have a digital camera. It’s true I don’t think that the results are as nice as the film cameras, but to be honest I haven’t been Mr. serious photographer in some time. So I’m going all digital, leaving the picture taking as it should be, the snapshot. I will also be doing video, so I think I will be more than enough to keep me busy. That extra $540 buys me a month+ extra in Yemen and/or some really nice times in Malta. Not bad for some equipment I’m not sure I’d use much anyway…

Jenny, you interested in a WHOLE LOT of film and maybe the use of a medium format camera? Email me and it can be arranged, doesn’t look like I’ll be using it after all…


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