Turns out I couldn’t go to Ta’izz and Ibb, my passport is still in limbo. I’ll just go some other time, but I feel bad that I couldn’t take Anne there. She’s seen more of Yemen than I have at this point. She got back from Marib today, that’s where the queen of Sheba lived (you know, the one that supplied Solomon with all of his gold?).

The internet connection at the school is about as fast (or not) as I was getting at the internet cafe. It is nice to have a wireless connection, and it is certainly more convenient and quieter as well. I think I caught one of the guys they hire to clean the building looking at something he knows he shouldn’t. When I came in the room, he immediately minimized all the windows, closed them, and then shut off the computer, LOL. I’m in the process of trying to download the latest battlestar galactica episode, but it’s going to take a total of three days to do it. I’ll finish it up tomorrow….


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