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Speaking of going crazy.. (camera stuff)

Remember the camera I was lusting for? that super small Sony one? I just went a little crazier for it. There are a slew of adaptors being made so that various other brands can be used on it! This is huge. I’ve always been a lens geek, and this could allow me to use a bunch of different ones on the same camera. Sure, they make the run of the mill Canon, Nikon, and old Minolta lens adaptors, but I’m far more interested in the Pentax K, Leica M, Contax SLR, and Contax G(!) adaptors. The Contax G lenses in particular are way underpriced right now. It’s a lens geek’s dream….


Check out the page to see what I mean. Yeah, it’s in Japanese, but the pictures tell the whole story.




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