Roman Polanski, I don’t get it

So Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss authorities while he was on the way to some awards ceremony. There has been an outstanding warrent for his arrest in the US for decades. I had head about it, but I never really knew the details, I figured it was one of those sordid Hollywood things that was morally ambiguous on both sides.

Well since his arrest, I’ve read some of the details, and frankly I’m shocked that it has taken this long to get him in jail. It turns out that what he was arrested for taking a 13 year old girl someplace, getting her drunk, drugging her with quaaludes and then anally raping her. Here’s the kicker, he has already been convicted. He plead guilty, he skipped out on sentencing. Why a violent criminal was released before sentencing is beyond me.

The French culture minister is shocked that Polanski was picked up after all these years, and on the way for an award too! Polanski is also upset that this has been done “to” him. Everything about this crime reeks of excess and privilege, the “outrage” seems to be all about someone of his stature being treated as a common criminal. He’s a rapist, he drugged a 13 year old in order to rape her. He plead guilty to it. He has had plenty of freedom, it’s abut time he gets some jail time for his crime. Let’s all hope that the extradition from Switzerland goes smoothly.

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In the sports world, athletes are often excused for egregious behavior because they are so talented. This goes way beyond that. How can anyone defend him?

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