Proud Mary…

    Just picked up a live CD of Ike and Tina Turner,
don’t worry, I didn’t pay for it. It was a freebie from my music club,
I’m not about to give Ike any money…. Anyway, it’s pretty hot as you
might expect but I got a kick out of their rendition of Proud Mary.
There’s a line in the song, “Pumped a lot of …” It’s a little
difficult to make out John Foggerty, and I always assumed the Tina was
singing “Pumped a lot of tanks”, but there’s no doubt in the live
version, it’s “Pumped a lot of tang” LOL, and they play that on the
    I also picked up the GoGos first album, I haven’t
had my turntable set up for far too long… It’s a lot of fun, and not
a bad album either although I liked Vacation better then Beauty and the
Beat myself. There’s also a Christopher Parkening cd, he palyes an
Albinez concerto, should be good… This whole buying spree was
prompted by my wanting to get that Loretta Lynn album, so I got that
too:-) I’ll go through them this weekend and let you know if they’re
worth picking up….


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