Planning for disaster update

Ok, the moment I withdrew the bulk of my portfolio from stocks, the market went on a bull run. Grrr.. That’s the thing about being conservative, you avoid the downside, but you miss the breakouts too.


Still, noting has changed for the better in Europe. There’s still a lot of shuffling of deck chairs over there. It all looks pretty flimsy. Greece is still on the verge of default, and there’s no telling how that is going to affect the rest of Europe, but it won’t be good. Both Italy and France are facing downgrades on their debt. In response, the ECB is about to ban the reports of downgrades… Like I said, I’m still sure of what is going to happen, we’ll see how the next 4 or 5 months play out. I’m still sitting on mostly cash and I think that will be the best position when the events in Europe start to unfold.

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