I’m in shock. First of all I read with bewilderment
a letter to the editor that was chastizing the Washington Post for not
giving contact info for charities that rescue pets in New Orleans. I
figured that it was just some nut they were giving “equal time to”.
Well today I saw (on the front cover no less) of a newspaper at work an
update of animal rescue operations in New Orleans. Give me a freaking
break. People are dying of dehydration and who knows what else and
people are worried about dogs and cats? I just tripped across someone
trying to drum up intrest for this on a photography newsgroup. How
twisted do you have to be to not only worry about animals in situations
like this but to actually place them above human life? Funny they
aren’t trying to save all the slugs, beetles, and rats the hurricane
displaced too…


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Claws for alarm…

Whoa! Not touching that one…

Those pet people are awfully sensitive. I had a lady at work trying to convince me that, as a life experience, her pet ownership was somehow on the same level emotionally as parenthood. I may have been biased, having just attained fatherhood, but I ended up really pissing her off and getting myself pretty worked up in the process.

I know, I know… big surprise there Randy. 😉
“Randy?… Worked up? No, must be a different Randy”

Anyway. I’m just saying. Watch your back Isaac.


Re: Claws for alarm…

Actually all they could drum up as a reply was that I was mean, uptight, and uninformed. Uninformed of what I don’t know. In any case, some other posters confirmed my diagnosis of them being nutcases. This has also affected my dating prospects. I’m trying the old online dating thing again. It didn’t go so well last time, but at least I had some dates:-) Anyway, being “passionate about animals” has now joined being patriotic and wants children (this is a little scary from the 35 year olds) as warning signals from potential dates. Maybe this’ll pass and I’ll give them a break in the future, but I have a pretty bad taste in my mouth right now.

BTW Randy, that’s your problem, you’re never passionate about anything:-)


I am proud of myself…

One of the online posters mentioned that he and his wife’s two dogs were their “children” since they couldn’t have their own. He went on to talk about how he couldn’t bear losing one of his children… I did not say what I was thinking, which was thank God they didn’t have any children! I would hate to have someone brought up with such twisted values…


DITDS (Dual Income Two Dogs)

I have had pets that I felt towards that way, but to compare them to children. Uufh. Or Woof. Never went that far, there are some similar aspects but there is also some similar ascpects between having the flu and having ebola.

“Patrotic”? In a personal ad? That would make me run for the hills, what the hell does that mean? Do I wear cammo on the first date? Have her over for a little MRE feast then chat about interforce relignment proposals? You can always use my old idea “Degenerate ex-sailor seeking rich, quiet, complient woman”. Sure beats that other stuff.

OK, the root cause of Katrina is now being discussed. No, not the effects/response etc, but why a hurricane hit in the first place. So far it’s either Bush’s fault (didn’t know he was that powerful), or the usual, homosexuals. Yepper everything happens for a reason all right. Which lead me to the Pat Robertson logic. If it is true that God punishes us for our social policies then lets look at the evidence. For eight years we had the Arkansas Anti-Christ in office, Waco, gays in the military, massive health care system where everyone gets a number, “My President is Charleton Heston”, OK City, sex in the White House etc etc etc. Not a golden era as a so-so time. So we go and elect a God-fearing Christian man who wants to return us to traditional values. What do we get? 9/11. Iraq. The worst natural disaster in the US to date. Which leads me to believe that either God really is Allah, or that we better start electing pornographers to high office right quick.

Good luck on your social life, but it will be hard you being an animal hater…

Take care


Re: DITDS (Dual Income Two Dogs)

Yeah, the whole listing “patriotic” in a personals ad really threw me. Don’t worry, I’m not going near those people. It follows my whole idea about being “a little crazy”. My thought is that everyone is a little crazy in their own way. If their craziness is easily seen, if it shows, they they are completely insane. The old tip of the iceberg type of wariness… LOL, an animal hater… That sounds a lot like Pat Robertson type of logic. If I don’t think that gay people are evil, then I deserve a hurricane decending on top of me. I’ve noticed that those types aren’t much into nuance, not real subtle thinkers. Makes me wonder why they think they can figure out God’s thoughts. How complex could He be? After all, the book he left us is pretty straightforward… Yeah right…


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