OW! Groan… Whew! Groan…

Bit down on my lunch today and got a real zinger in my teeth, it really hurt. I figured that I had cracked another tooth or lost a filling or something. Great, all I need is another $1300 bill… Left work early and went to the dentist. He says that I chioed a tooth (in a rather odd place) and that I don’t need a crown or anything. He does think that I’m grinding my teeth at night and that is leading to my sensitivity in my teeth. He suggests getting a type of mouth guard that protects my teeth, it’s only around $500… Well, that’s better than a crown I suppose, but it’s still $500… Guess I’ll have to tighten the belt a little more…


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Honey, you can get a mouth gurad from the junk health catlogues for a pittance. $500 borders on robbery

But it’s my understanding that those are quite a bit more uncomfortable and make you drool. I’ll do some more research before shelling out the money.


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