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Out of work

This is the first time I have ever been out of a job when I wanted one. Not only that, this is the first time I have ever had to go on a job search. I have always figured out which job I wanted, then I went and got it. I have never applied for more than one job at a time before. So I’m in new territory for me.

Yeah, I could have gone back to Penn, but I’m trying to make a clean break. And I really believe that I would have gotten the job at Apple (and I still may) but for that hiring freeze of theirs. I’m seriously thinking about going back to school, perhaps getting my masters in econ. I’m still technically in the program at GMU (I think), and that with my experience in Yemen could lead to some rewarding jobs, rewarding in all ways….

Anyway, I’m looking at options. The beginning of the year is when I get serious about job searching. Honestly, I’ve been too out of it physically to really feel comfortable doing a job. I think that’s mostly behind me now, so after the first of the year, I’ll hit the ground running Insha’alla…

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