One more day to go…

I only have to make it through tomorrow and I’m free! I will be happily unemployed starting Oct. 1! I plan on doing the rest of my packing, cleaning, and visiting people over the next week. Things will be a little complicated because I’ve lost my wallet and I have all of 35 bucks in my checking account… There’s a fat paycheck coming on thursday so I’m not worried but I am currently trying to remember what was in my wallet and canceling them. I need a new driver’s license so I’m going to try to keep driving to a minimum until I get the new one…

In happier news I have ordered my new laptop! It should be here on thursday. A 2GHZ white MacBook if you’re curious. Now all I gotta do is get some more RAM and my dream laptop will be ready to go. Yipee!!! No more work and a new computer, should be fun…


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I leave on oct. 29th. In the meantime, I have a lot to do. I’m going to try to get to see as many people up here as I can in the first week or so of the month, I’ll be all over the place after that. We need to get together!


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