My favorite sports are baseball and ice hockey, but I enjoy watching sports in general. SO every time the olympics comes around, I’m usually glued to the TV. There are some things that I always enjoy, like gymnastics and volleyball (the real stuff, not the silliness on the beach, more on that in a sec.) but I also enjoy seeing things I haven’t watched before. This year my favorite new to me sports are team handball and archery.

Team handball is very similar to water polo and lacrosse in style. It isn’t as violent as lacrosse and it’s faster than water polo, it reminds me quite a bit of ice hockey in the overall speed. It’s a quality sport, but you can tell that the really good athletes are doing something else more popular…

The archery isn’t all that exciting really, but it is amazing. They shoot at a target whose bullseye is 4.8 inches across from 270 feet away! Watching them hit that thing with so much pressure on them is pretty amazing.

As usual there is a bunch of stuff that doesn’t do much for me too. Track and field doesn’t do anything for me, and most swimming doesn’t excite me very much either. I will say that the 100m relay was pretty exciting though. The silliest thing I’ve seen is the synchronized diving. Diving is kind of dull anyway, but the synchronized thing is just silly.

I have been calling the beach volleyball “Babes in Bikinis” because that seems to be the main draw to the sport. The guys game isn’t even worth watching. It is a much slower, seemingly less athletic version of the indoor variety of volleyball. I’m sure it’s more fun to play, but the indoor, the real volleyball is by far a better sport to watch overall…

In any case, it is always interesting to see athletes going all out and the olympics always brings that out of them. Oop, gymnastics is coming on, gotta go!

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