Not much going on

I am, for perhaps the first time, getting serious about studying and SURPRISE I’m making some obvious headway… The consequence is that I don’t do a lot though, so sorry for the boring blogs:-)

I went to a new restaurant, the “Red” restaurant. People had recommended it to me, when I asked what kind of food it was (Lebanese, Egyptian, Yemeni, etc.) they just said “It’s a meat place.” Well, turns out that’s a pretty good description. I had a platter that consisted of chicken wings, chicken breast kabob, lamb kabob, and some sort of ground meat kabob, along with bread and hummus. Cost around 1000 Riayls, or 5 bucks. Kind of pricey by Yemeni standards, but still not a bad deal overall.

To get there, I had my first experience with the dabobs. Dabobs are the little minivans made by suzuki (Toyota used to sell them in the states) and are a form of public transportation. They have fixed routes and cost 20 riayls each way (10 cents). You get into one and when the driver thinks he has enough people, he’ll go, picking up other people along the way. The sliding door stays open at all times to allow the easy ingress/egress of passengers. It’s a great deal. Since I didn’t know where the restaurant was, I took a cab there, it cost me 400 riyals , only 20 on the way back:-)

I will try to take some pictures of Sana’a, I realize that I haven’t done much recently. My main goals picture wise are the souk al-min, which is the largest souk here, and some of the daily life like public transport and traffic, etc. Stay tuned!


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