Not doing much…

    I’m slogging through my latest tube amp book. I now
remember why I didn’t study electrical engineering, the equations are a
bit eye-glazing. Here’s a stumper; Ohm’s law relates voltage, current
(amps) and resistance like so V=IR. So why is current abbreviated “I”?
It’s as though they are delibrately making it more difficult to
remember. V=AR or V=CR is much better…
    Yesterday was a good day off, didn’t do much except
cook (and clean up after said cooking) and read. I roasted a chicken
(to perfection thank you very much), cooked up some fresh green beans,
and stole a thing of crescent rolls out of the fridge. May not sound
like much, but it’s about as good as batcholer cooking gets! I topped
off dinner with some cc cookies, I keep hoping I’ll stop likeing them
so much…
    I’ve gone back onto Ebay. I hadn’t in a long time,
I’ve been good! I’m now poaching obscure, inexpensive vaccum tubes for
future projects. We’re talking $1.50 to $3 a tube, so I’m not being as
bad as I could be… How obscure are these? I may have to make a tester
to see if they’re any good, the standard tube testers aren’t able to
test them! These tubes either have odd bases, multiple top caps, or
strange filiment voltages. A recent discovery for me is that the tubes
that used to be used on airplanes are often times the same as the
regular tubes but with different filiment voltages (12v or 26v instead
if the standard 6v). Since commercial home equipment didn’t use them,
supplies are relativly plentiful, and cheap. Don’t tell anyone, OK?


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