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Not a whole lot going on

I’ve been trying to not post negative blog posts, you know, the whole, “If you can’t say anything nice…” approach. The world’s financial outlook is depressing. Europe is looking less and less sound by the day, and our politicians are playing chicken with our debt obligations. Things could go just fine I suppose, but it’s looking more and more likely that there is going to be some pain coming up. Just to be on the safe side, I would hold a minimum of cash and money market funds right now, they could decrease in value quickly if things fall apart.

Enough global doom and gloom, I’ve got money issues myself. The car needs a rather expensive repair (my muffler was damaged and there aren’t any aftermarket ones) and I missed a day of work. SIGH. Wasn’t sure how I was going to take care of that, and then I remembered my savings in the form of Apple stock. Was hoping not to have to touch that, but I guess that’s what savings is for, right? Once I get this out of the way, I will be in a better mood, but man, it’s going to hurt.

Other than that, not a lot going on, working, eating, etc. Woohoo, do I know how to have a good time or what?

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