Not a lot going on… Just some audio stuff

Just been working. Mom was up for the weekend, that was nice. Saw Jaime, Cindy and the kids for far too short a time on sunday, we’ll have to get together again soon. I went up there to drop off my old FrankenMac, he loves those old machines and mine had quite a few choice parts to make them go. Hope he has as much fun with it as I did. Oh yeah, it has finally happened, I need to get a cheap Windows box to run some software. All of the stuff for designing are for windows only and virtual PC was making me tear my hair out. I think I’ll get one of mom’s office’s old ones, add a soundcard (for turning it into a oscilloscope/fft analysis/ tone generator) and I’ll be ready to go.

Speaking of audio stuff, I’ve ordered my first parts, well first part at least. I’ve decided to build myself a bench power supply. Found a good transformer on Ebay, now all I need is a variac, some capacitors (hmm, wonder if the ones I scavenged would work) and some bridge rectifiers. I figure it’ll be able to put out over 500v DC off of it’s primary winding and around 150v dc off of the secondary windings. Having a variable bench supply will make it much easier to build and design stuff, plus it’s a good practice for making an amp’s power supply… I was reading a guy’s site (tubelab) and he had the good idea and common sense to buy several cheap multimeters and hook them up to the circuit, and THEN turn it on. You can make your readings without having to poke around potentially lethal voltages and then turn it off. Makes a lot of sense, especially since I can buy seven of these things for around $100 these days, cheap insurance. Once I have the supply set up, I can start the amp experimenting/building!


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