Next on my “to do” list for the trip

Got to set a date for departure
Got to buy airline ticket
Got to get insurance
Got to set up bank account
Got to get visa

Things are looking good, the only one of those things I don’t know how to do is the setting up a bank account. Everything else is just a phone call/email away. The money situation is looking good again, I’m now on track to have enough for two years if i feel like it. If I was willing to live like the average local, I could probably stretch that out to 4. Of course the average Yemeni is really poor and has a rather short life expectancy, so I don’t think I want to do that:-) It’s true, after living the typical privileged white male American lifestyle for so long, I’ve gotten soft…

Another soon to be American student in Yemen commented on my blog earlier this week. I really don’t think it’s my imagination, I think that interest in Yemen is picking up. Of course a 100% increase of something that is really small is still really small… Anyway, not too much longer till my trip!


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Hah, wow, you are going to be rolling in the money there… I’m looking at barely scraping by for two the 6 months I plan to go there. Hahah.

How has your luck been with finding reasonably priced airfare?

Best I have found thus far (from Seattle) is for $1,550


Well, I am planning on a couple of trips while I’m there… I’ll be spending a couple of weeks in Malta and probably Istanbul as well. I don’t remember what the exact fare was, I think it was around $1100 from the DC area. Check out Emeritesairlines, they seem to have the best deals going although since I haven’t actually bought anything from them who knows if they are for real…


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