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     I got sick and tired of looking at the same 15 or 20 pictures that been rotated randomly for my wallpaper on the computer. I don’t have that many of my pictures digitized, and besides, how long can you look at your own stuff? So I went on a downloading binge… I concentrated on music folks. My favorites so far are a picture of Glenn Gould crouching on the floor of a studio behind a bunch of mic stands, an amazing shot of Thurston Moore in concert, and a shot of the minutemen. Hmm, I just realized that they are all in B&W… There’s also a bunch of Kim Gordon, Bob Dylan, Kathleen Hannah, Jacqueline Dupre, Mudhoney (who could forget the cover of Superfuzz Big Muff?), and other assorted idols in my music pantheon… I’ve also added some “tube porn”, really beautiful shots of vacuum tubes… yes I am a geek, leave me alone! I am now filled with delight as my wallpaper changes each 5 minutes, sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me happy.


I have also downloaded a bunch of pictures of Louise Brooks, one of the few, if only actresses I have ever dreamed of…


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