New iMac on the way!

I ordered my new computer the other day, I’ve been told it will be here on the 12th. I’m getting a 27″ iMac, the one with the 2.7Ghz quad core processor and a 2TB hard drive. I’m also upping my RAM up to 12GB. This machine is overkill in a lot of ways, but what the hell. I haven’t had a new computer in 5 years, it’s about time!

My 13″ macbook from 2006 has served me well, it’s still going. When my mother bought her 24″ iMac, I thought it was a bit much, until I started using it… I had been doing a big negative scanning job on my notebook and I thought everything was going fine, then I tried her machine… Wow. Yes, it was more powerful, but the display made a huge difference. Being able to see the image, the tool palettes, and even some chat windows all at once made a huge difference in my workflow. It was actually fun to do, it was a chore before.

This is going to be my TV too. I’m halfway thinking about getting rid of my cable and just going with iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon for my TV show fixes. In any case, I’ll be watching everything on my computer. It will be possible to have a 1080 stream and still have room for a chat window. A subscription to MLBTV isn’t all that much….


This will be the end of my computer buying binge, at least for a little while. I’m hoping all of my current things will last several years. What’s next on my bigger purchases list? I’ve got my eye on some new speakers (as always). If I do that, it won’t be till next year at the earliest. I’m going to try to save a little money the rest of this year, and of course buy some more small frivolous things…

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