New favorite Safari extentions

Here are some great extensions to add to Safari to improve your browsing experience. You can get them here. If you’re on a Mac, you should definitely take a look at that page.


1) Youtube5 will automatically switch all youtube videos from flash to html5. This makes your computer run much cooler and have much better battery life.

2) Feedly turns your google reader feed into a magazing type of layout. A much more attractive way of viewing your RSS feeds.

3) Macrumors minimal makes macrumors look soooooo much better. For some of us, that site is a must read every day…

4) Facebook improved cleans up facebook removing the ads and a lot of the other garbage.

5) Add to Google reader allows you to add a RSS feed to your google reader list just by clicking on the RSS button in the URL bar.

All of these add great features and/or clean up the sites I visit all the time. I keep checking to see what new extensions are released and will let you know if I find any other good ones to have,,,

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