New favorite adult swim show.

    Here’s the synopsis from Amazon, “In search for a
captive pirate, an alien girl riding a Vespa uses a 12-year-old boy’s
head as a multidimensional channel.” Believe it or not, that’s pretty
accurate. FLCL is my new favorite “WTF was that?” program. It’s
difficult to follow, has great music (have to pick up a cd by the
pillows), and almost makes sense. I’m impressed by any TV show that
makes me concentrate in order to follow it.
    Well, I’m off to Conneticut for a week to visit my
Aunt, Unclem and Grandmother. My cousin Beth will not be there, but Ed
will be. It’s always nice to get up there and away from here… I’m
hoping to be able to take my guitar so that I can work on my chords,
and hopefully will update my website with some stuff I’ve been thinking
about. Updates to come!


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