My weekend..

It was good! Went down to Dad’s place and hung out. Didn’t do anything in particular, watched some football, ate a bunch. The fun came on monday. I had to get a physical and then run up to DC for a hockey game. Apparently I’m fine physically, and the game was fun. Hadn’t been to one in a while. The Caps came out pretty flat and stayed that way through the first period and a half. They turned it on in the last part of the second and most of the third, but it was too late by then. I’ll probably go to at least one more game this season, not sure when though, or with whom.

Tomorrow I order my tickets for NYC. I’ll be spending my birthday up there visiting both of my stepsisters and hopefully seeing some friends from college. It’ll be my first time in the city proper, hope I don’t spend too much money…


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