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My plans

Everyone keeps asking what my plans are. I have been a little vague, but things are looking like they’re coming into better focus. I would like to pursue the teaching English thing, overseas that is. I really enjoyed it. After being in a job that was not what I wanted to do, having a job that is fulfilling is pretty addictive.

Yes, I could go and get a sales job. If I got motivated enough (read, if I needed money badly enough) I’d do pretty well. There is always money to be made selling things, and I am very confident i could do it. I really don’t want to go back to that world though. I enjoyed teaching photography, the best part of the sales job was teaching people how to get the results they wanted, and teaching English was a blast.

My general plan is to stay stateside through the spring and then go somewhere. I already have an application in at a place in Turkey. A friend of mine (who came to Yemen after reading my blog) is teaching there already. So far, it sounds like an ideal set-up. You get the CELTA training from them plus it’s possible to take grad courses there as well.

It’s also possible that I might go get the certification first. That’ll take several thousand dollars, so we’ll see how the finances stack up. Speaking of finances, I may have to go get a job. I’ll worry about that once I’m done with the current project I’m working on.

So that’s my basic plan. I’m going to try to enjoy this place while I’m here, and I’m going to attempt to see my family as much as I can as well. I’ve learned to appreciate some things while I was gone 🙂

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