My iPod, and an app question

My first purchase as an Apple employee was an iPod touch. A 32GB one to be exact. I am beyond happy with it. Not only does it make sitting on the train much easier, it’s really helping me out at work. No really! I constantly use the calculator, and I jot down various notes that help me out as I talk to customers.

It has also helped with my internet situation. Since my only regular internet connection is at work, I have been taking my laptop in every day to do my online stuff. No longer. Now I just take my iPod in. I can do my email and facebook stuff pretty easily with it. It has also allowed me to keep up with my podcasts. I don’t keep my itunes library on my laptop’s hard drive, it’s just too big. That meant that when I wanted to get the latest editions of my podcasts, I would have to take my computer and my external hard drive into the library along with the necessary cables, power cords, etc. Now I can download the latest ones on my ipod and then sync them to my music library when I get home. I had no luck researching that little scenario before I got it, so now everyone else can know about this!

I’m just dipping my toes into the apps ocean. So far, my favorite apps are the facebook one, stanza, and bejeweled. Stanza in particular is an amazing program. With it, you get an excellent ebook reader and easy access to thousands and thousands of free books. I need to find a good blogging app, does anyone out there have any suggestions? My favorite blogging program (Marsedit) hasn’t shown any interest in making an iPhone/iPod version.

I’m already plotting my next purchase. I’ve got my eye on the new 27″ quad core iMac that will be coming out in November. Not sure when I’ll be able to afford it, but I will have one eventually. To see the new Imacs is to covet them. No really, they are stunningly beautiful, Apple has really outdone itself this time. It will also serve as my TV. It’ll be about the right size for my smallish room. All it takes is some time to save for it, I hope I won’t go too crazy in the meantime…

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