My amp!

I received my custom amp from Ultrasonic Studios in November of 2022. It was a custom build made just for me. I had some specific features in mind; a push pull amp that is balanced only (so no phase splitter on the amp), variable B+ and fixed bias so that I could use a variety of output tubes, a “universal” twin triode input section, and the ability to use external heater supplies so that I can use oddball tubes to avoid the most expensive versions. 


Tomas came through in a big way making not only a great sounding amp but a great looking amp IMO.

IMG 0032

IMG 0029


I have mostly been using it with 807 and equivalent output tubes because they sound amazing but have also enjoyed 6f6, 6v6, and 6ar6.


I had hoped to be able to use lower voltage tubes like the 6aq5 and KT61. This amp sounds so good I was seriously thinking about having Tomas build me another amp just for those. Alas, he passed away in February of 2023. He was so young, we never saw it coming. What a loss to his family and the world of audiophiles. 


RIP Tomas. You made the world a better place with the equipment you created. We will treasure our amps and the music they make. You had an impact on people all over the world. Small as our little group is I believe that creations that make people happy send out ripples of goodness into the world. Thank you. 

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