Since making some time away from social media I’ve jumped back into my listening habits of old. While some binge TV or movies, I listen to music. And of course I am serious about my system and that always makes it much easier to connect with the music. Upon hearing my system for the first time my cousin said, “It’s like you can watch music!” It really is a different experience than what people usually get out of music there days.

Anyways, I’ve been binging, big time. Started with some old favorites from Dylan’s first couple of albums. Then I decided to tackle an album of his I had always meant to get to, Nashville Skyline.

Lord help me but the worst track on the whole album is the first one, and it’s a duet with Johnny Cash! Seriously though, it’s a mess. The only song I had heard before was “Lay Lady Lay” and the rest seemed to fall in line with that song. Like all Dylan I’ll have to listen a few more times before coming to any solid conclusion.

From there I went on to Phil Ochs, Woodie Guthrie, and then on to to “Mermaid Avenue” which has Woodie Guthrie lyrics put to music by Billy Bragg and Wilco. “Tapestry” by Carol king was next, then “Dusty in Memphis” and on and on and on. It’s fair to say I’ve been missing this a lot.

I’ll leave this post with what I’m listening to right now. I’ve always loved the song “Down and Out in New York City” by James Brown so I decided to check out the album it came from, The Soundtrack to Black Caesar. I have no doubt that it was a terrible film but wow! This sound track is classic 70s JB! Funk and soul for the soul. Plus it was recorded incredibly well. I need to check out more of his albums instead of single songs. Click the picture to hear one of my favorites from the album.

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