Music on road trip

One of my favorite pastimes when traveling is radio hunting. I surf and surf looking for those great songs. On the way out to W. Virginia I didn’t have very much luck, but it did bring back some memories. All I could find was asshole redneck rock. This is the stuff that all the rednecks listened to when I was growing up. I heard Ted Nugent (Cat Scratch Fever), Judas Priest (Hellbent for Leather), and Rush. Not a great way to start the trip and it had the unfortunate result of me singing all the Judas Priest songs I know in the shower the next morning. I hate it when I get songs stuck in my head…

The way back was a different story, lots of good tunes. Caught part of Little Steven’s radio show (which I can’t remember the title of right now) and it has to be the best mix of good music I’ve ever heard on FM. He went from the crystals to the Ramones to an obscure Aerosmith song from back in the day (Remember walking in the sand or something like that…). I also managed to find an independent station playing old school country, like from the 50’s to the 70’s. Good stuff. Add some organ music from a composer I’ve never heard of, and you’ve got a great night of listening to music. Made the trip back seem much shorter.


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