Music not to give your mom

Mom was up this weekend. She wanted an external drive to store her burgeoning music collection. So I picked one up for her and showed her how to use it. She then got the idea that I could just transfer my itunes collection onto her new drive. Sure, why not? I did it, no problem. Of course when I loaded it up in her itunes library I realized that she now owned “Pussy Whipped” by Bikini Kill. I immediately went on a purging spree. Let’s see, “Dial M for Motherfucker” had to go, as did all of my NWA. She wasn’t going to appreciate Hole’s first album nor would she really dig “Fuck Religion, Fuck the Police, Fuck the Lot of You.” “Exile in Guyville” probably wasn’t going to get much playtime from her either. I ended up deleting entire genres. She’ll probably do some more but at least she won’t be aghast at anything on her computer (I think). Who knows, maybe I left some obscure songs by the Adicts, Xray Specs, or the Buzzcoxks on there that she won’t like. Eh, she’ll have to deal, she’ll like a lot of stuff…


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After 30 Years in medicine, I’m rarely aghast at anything. Still, you’re right, wouldn’t get much play time. mom

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