More pictures!

I’ve loaded a handful of pictures that I shot today. They consist of some more shots of my building, my walk to school, some kids, and the market I go to all the time. It is taking for freaking ever to upload these things. This internet cafe seems to be the fasted around, they have decent monitors (don’t look fuzzy), is nice and clean, but there is something that is driving me absolutely crazy… Most of the keyboards’ shift key sticks. This results in many things being in caps and/or weird looking symbols instead of numbers… Anyway, just one more little thing. I may wait until I get to Malta to upload many more pictures. I plan on updating my website when I get there too. I am hopeful that I can find some decently fast connections over there…


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Hey Isaac

I dont know if you got it but I sent an email to your Yahoo name. But my name is Antoinette and right now I am trying to decide on a language school to go to in Yemen. Obviously it is between YLC, SIAL, and CALES… You’ve been there for a month so far right? How do you like it? Have you seen the other schools? Which would you recommend? I don’t know if you can reply to this but if you can’t my email address is

Thank you so much in advance for any advice!

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