More on selling organs

That last post was really about kidneys. There are immediate and obvious benefits to allowing people to sell their kidneys to waiting patients. But think about this, what do you think would happen if people’s estates were paid for the organs that can be harvested after someone died?

Yes, more organs would be transplanted, and more people would be saved, but think about some of the possibilities. It could be a replacement for life insurance. If you could contract with a company to take your organs in case of an untimely death, your estate could benefit tremendously. Think about it, how much would a heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, corneas, etc. bring in? Now imagine that instead of paying for life insurance, you could simply contract for your organs? You could even take out a supplemental insurance policy in case the organs could not be harvested. I would imagine that policy would be quite a bit less expensive.

My point is that a lot of people could be made better off by simply getting rid of one law. Why do we continue to allow people to die?

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