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Today Adel and I went out to lunch as part of the class. We went to a local resturant in the old city. Upstairs we had faal ‘sa, bread, and soup. Faal ‘sa (the closest transliteration I can come up with) is a lamb dish. It is just the meat (no bones) in a thick gravy. It has “some green stuff” (Adel’s description) on the top which seems to be some sort of vegetable puree. Man was it good. You scooped the stuff up with pieces of bread, no utensils of course. The broth was apearantly made from lamb stock even though it was clear. There was fat congeling on the top, but it sure was tasty. We then squeezed some lemon juice into it and it took on a whole different flavor. The acid really cut through the heavy lamb taste and made it almost like a drink instead of a broth. We finished up the meal with bananas dipped in honey. Yemen is famous for it’s honey, some of it reaching prices of over $200 per gallon! This stuff was not the top shelf stuff I’m pretty sure, but it was good. The entire meal ran 800 riyals, or 4 bucks for both of us! I am going to make this a staple of my diet, I’m getting sick of chicken! Next up is the “national dish of Yemen”, Salta. it’s a vegetarian dish made mostly from beans I’m told. Now I’m off to the bakery around the corner for some more culinary exploration!


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All I could find while doing a quick Google search is that Salta is a “spicy green soup.” Let me know what it’s like! šŸ™‚

Oh, and I looked up a little on Qat too. Looks like it has the effects of an amphetamine, is unpleasant the first time you use it, and then produces a feeling of euphoria. Meh. Probably for the best that you avoid it. If you want to look up more on it, is a good resource.

Yeah, I had already decided that Qat was bad news, staying we3ll away from that… After my last experience with a bean dish, not sure if I’ll try Salta or not…


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