More coverstaions with a Yemeni

Had my second long IM discussion with my Yemeni contact. It seems that he really wants to come to the US to study and/or work. The conversation ranged from the comical (introduce me to an American woman so that I can marry her and get a visa) to the thought provoking. I asked him why he wanted to come to the US so badly, he responded that he was tired of working and not getting anywhere in Yemen. He thinks that he can succeed here in the US. I told him that we call that the “American Dream”, work hard, succeed. He said that yes, America has that reputation. Guess what “they” call the US over there in Yemen. No, not the great Satan, or infidel land. They refer to the US as “The Land of Dreams.” I’m not naive enough to think they all think that way, but it sure is a different view than we are presented with here isn’t it? This is one of the main reasons I want to go to a country like this, to get some good news….


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