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OK, I’ve bit the bullet and have made the appointments for the vaccinations I need. No, it wasn’t the getting shots part that made me hesitate, it was the price. I gotta have these, and some of them (the rabies) take a while to administer all of them. SO it starts next month. Lucky for me I get paid three times next month instead of the usual 2. That’ll take care of the shots… For some reason, this makes my trip seem much closer, I’m really excited! I’m going to try to nail down an exact date for my departure by the end of next month. That way I can bu my tickets and give my official notice at work. Horay!!!!


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You confuse me. Really.

Anyway, I’m glad that all this is moving forward for you. It’s the kind of thing that most people wish they had done, and you’re actually doing it. I hope you have a great time.

It’s just that the post before this you’re explaining the necessity of spending >$1,000 on a new computer, and now you’re complaining about the cost of vaccinations. You seem to keep buying things, and then worry that you don’t have enough money. It’s confusing to me.

Ah, I see. Well, it’s not that I can’t afford the vaccinations, it’s just that I really don’t want to spend that kind of money on them. You know, the whole “Do I havta?”” kind of whining… But I decided to be a grown up and do what I’m supposed to do (not that it’ll stop me from whining about it:-) and just work more hours for the things that I want.. This’ll be my third 50 hour week this week. Gotta stay focused, this won’t last too much longer…


Hey, ran across your blog, when are you planning on going to Yemen, and did you settle on CALES?

I am planning on going to Yemen from September 06 to March 07, most likely to SIAL…

Hope to hear from you.

Hey wow, a fellow Yemen traveller! Yup, I’ll be going to Cales from october 06 through whenever… I’m planning on the 9 month course and play it by ear from there. If I like it there, I’ll try for a second 9 months. Hey, what are you doing about banking over there? I want to set up an account before I go but I’m having a little trouble…


Wow, 9 months at CALES, very cool… It seems like most people choose CALES, which makes me slightly skeptical about SIAL.

Are you studying Arabic now? How much have you taken?

I’ve been told by someone who is at CALES now, that the best bet is to just use a debit card, and bring some cash in case you run into any troubles.


I chose CALES because of the experiences that other people have told me about it. It was uniformly positive. I haven’t studied any Arabic formally, just a little on my own so I don’t know very much at all. The Arabic courses are really just an excuse to go over there for an extended time. They’ll give me some structure and also let me absorb the culture much better. Plus, if I’m lucky, knowing Arabic will also widen my job prospects… Just use a debit card eh? That sounds a bit sketchy to me, especially when it comes time to pay for the tuition, which they are expecting in cash. I’d much prefer having an account to make to big withdrawls from rather than carry that much cash with me. I’m calling Bank of New York this week, my experience with Citibank was less than reassuring.. “What country is Yemen in again?” I kid you not, she actually asked me that…


Oh, well for paying the tuition, it is easiest just to transfer the money over via Western Union, so I’ve heard. You are planning to stay a long time, so opening a bank account might be a good idea…

Yeah, I am a little put off by using a debit card, I mean my card was eaten when I was in Italy, and that was terribly inconvenient.

I’ll have finished 2nd year Arabic at my college, so I hope the 6 months in Yemen will be great practice.

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