Listening to the oldies station….

The so called oldies station does a pretty good job of avoiding playing the same songs every day, but they do have the habit of rotating what seems like 15 or 20 greatest hits cds all day long. This is how I heard “That’s the way I’ve Always Heard it Should be” on the way to Jaime’s place and “You’re so Vain” on the way back (both by Carly Simon). It always amazes me how much pop music changes over the years. At one time, “That’s the way…” was actually considered deep and insightful, maybe some people still do… Nowadays it really sounds self absorbed and obvious. Certainly compared to “You’re so Vain” it pales in comparison.

I keep threatening to add to my website, I think the next part will be about how to approach and enjoy various types of music. My own types include rock, jazz, hip-hop, popular, country, and classical (with a little “c”). Popular music can take on the trappings of some of the other types, but is set apart in a couple of ways. If I ever get this amp thing started I’ll get right on this… Just one more thing added to the list.


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The oldies station is getting on my nerves. Aerosmith is not an oldy. Where am I supposed to go to hear music from the 50’s and 60’s now? What’s that called now?

Hate to break this to you, but music made 30+ years ago is an oldie… Aerosmith has been around forever. I’ll never forget the day when an oldies station played “Fame” by Irene Cara, I went apeshit. Yeah, the new format is hits from the 60’s and 70’s. I would much rather have rock from the 50’s and 60’s. The 70’s hits are, for the most part, as bad as I remember them the first time around. No more Buddy Holly, Chuck Barry, Fats Domino, etc. Now we get Elton John, Steely Dan, ELO, and all the worst of the 60’s. I really need an iPod, too bad thy won’t let me listen to one while I’m at work:-)


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