Life as I see it podcast episode #8 Hell has frozen over


In my quest to ditch Google in as many ways as possible, I have actually gone back to a company that I wrote off a long time ago. I still loath Microsoft software with a passion but I have come around on their services. When someone suggested I try out Office 365 I thought they were nuts. I have zero interest in using Office, maybe even less than zero. I’m pretty sure I would pay money to avoid using Windows or Office ever again. The attraction to Office 365 wasn’t Office, it was the mail system behind it. I use Apple software to access my mail and contacts, I only use Microsoft for the back end. Email providers I had been looking into were going to be about $40 a year. Office 365 small business is $60. For that amount I get spam free email and full Exchange support. What the hell, thought I’d give it a try. Once I got everything set up it worked just fine. With any luck, I’ll be away from Gmail completely very soon.

I thought that me paying money would signal Hell freezing over. It turns out that me seeing usefulness in Microsoft services was a far bigger change. Microsoft has a very straightforward business model. Pay them money and you get services from them. That is in stark contrast to Google which gives you services for free while taking advantage of your information to do… whatever it is they do to profit from it. Apple software (and hardware obviously) with Microsoft services, a great combination.

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