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Life as I see it podcast #17. I’m moving… eventually


Yeah, I gotta move. Took longer than I thought it would to get the place, but I really like it. Took the first week off of work to get the move done. Hired movers, reserved the truck, etc. Mother nature has different plans though. Now I’m not sure when I’ll get this done. Grrr….


UPDATE 3/2/14 I have cancelled the move for this week. Will try to do it on my next day off, the 9th. As it turns out, there is some ongoing weirdness and late fees due to the previous occupants. I’m not on the lease yet so it isn’t my problem. Hoping to sign the lease on the 5th and move in that weekend. Sucks that I’ve taken vacation time to sit around but I’d probably not be able to go to work in any case.

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