Let me just say…

…that the RCA grey plate 6as7g tube is one of the finest sounding tubes I’ve ever heard. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Isaac, weren’t they originally designed as pass regulator tubes for power supplies? Besides, they are only 12 bucks apiece NOS, so how good can they sound?” I know I know, but these things are killer. True, you have to have a really powerful driver stage, but I swear that they are among the best power triodes out there, especially in this price range! I really want to try some of the black plate RCAs, but I’m afraid that they are a bit out of my price range (tho they are still very reasonably priced compared to other power triodes).

I was listening to the White Stripes really, really loud, just the way they should be. And then on to Sonic Youth. I’d hate to see what I was playing on a scope because I’m sure I was clipping the amp like crazy, but the guitar sounded remarkable with just that little bit of distortion thrown in. I closed my eyes and my room disappeared. I was transported into a smallish venue and a live performance. No really, it was that good. I’m just glad that no one else was around…


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