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Just for the record, I do think things are screwed up

I have posted many times before on how screwed up the medical industry is. Insurance companies are sheltered from competition, providers can’t tell you how much anything costs, and there is an enormous amount of confusion about costs in medicine. it should be much more straightforward. If people are unaware what things cost, how will we ever get prices lower? If we don’t get prices lower, how will we ever expand availability in a way that doesn’t kill us?

So what are my ideas for correcting things? I would like to start with stripping away the layers that protect the insurance companies. Make them compete on a national level. I would like to see providers be more transparent on the costs of procedures. I would like to see more competition for care in the same way you see competition among dentists, corrective eye surgery, and plastic surgery.

All of these things could be done without additional tax burdens. Who knows, maybe they wouldn’t be enough for the people that are so eager to reform, but they would certainly make a difference. I want the lawmakers to go after the low hanging fruit before trying incredibly expensive and large programs. Shouldn’t that be the way things work on a normal basis? What’s wrong with doing the easy thing first?

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