Just call me Roy Hobbs

You remember, the main character from “The Natural”? He’s the one that had some sort of odd poison administered to him that made him bleed from the side. I had some moles cut off of me the other day by my dermatologist, one of which was on my side. The sad thing is that the actual cuts they did with scalpels don’t bother me at all, bit their bandages hurt like hell! I pulled off the one on my side this morning and I realized that I was pulling the top layer of skin off of me! Ow ow ow! The whole area around the cut became really irritated and stung all day long. I walked around all day clutching my side, just like Roy Hobbs…

The other thing they cut off of me was right in between my shoulder blades. I realized what a tough place that is this morning when I was attempting to put on the special lotion and a new bandage. I could see it in the mirror, but when I tried to reach my arm around to place the bandage, I ended up turning so that I couldn’t see it… I ended up doing it by feel, I think I got it ok…

I usually heal pretty well with skin stuff, I rarely use a band aid, so I hope this clears up soon. And I hope that it isn’t so painful tomorrow morning!


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