“…just abdicate plans to persue the middle class dream of home and family”

    OK, I want to make something very clear. I have not
given ANYTHING up, except a PhD in economics. I am floating some ideas
around with what I want to do with my time and how I want to spend my
life, but nothing is set in stone right now. Who knows, maybe 
next week the woman of my dreams will declare her undying love for me
and I’ll end up working at a bank paying off a mortgage and saving up
for college for my kids. I doubt that very much, but I’m an optimist:-)
Seriously, about the only thing I have nailed down is that I want to
move. If things go the way I expect them to, I’ll probably end up in
Boulder next year, but anything’s possible.
   As far as middle class values, I’m interested in getting a
master’s degree, it doesn’t get any more bourgeois than that! Oh, and
before I forget, Rick is the coolest ever. Since I’m no longer in
school I offered to pay rent. After all, there’s no reason why it
should cost him for me to stay there. Anyway, he has asked for a
minuscule amount per month, basiclly covering utilities (if that much).
As crazy as he thinks I am, I’m glad to see he doesn’t mind helping me
pursue my wacky dreams, thanks Rick!!


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