I’ve crossed a line…

… ad I don’t know if there’s any recovering from this. I actually got a membership to a place that rents nothing but anime movies. There’s only a couple of things that I’m going to get, mostly shows that I can’t keep up with on adult swim… For this weekend’s viewing, I got the FLCL series. Watching the shows on TV was a real WTF was that experience. I’m hoping to get more out of them the second time around. I’m also going to try to catch up with the Ghost in the Shell series. Wasn’t real impressed with the “2nd gig” series, but it looks like it’s picking up now, better go and watch the earlier shows so I know what’s going on. I’m also probably going to see some Full metal alchemist and Samurai Champloo as well. Ah hell, I’m a big geek aren’t I?


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